Rules & Policies

Rules and Polices

• The consignment rate will be 85/15 split. 85% of the sale goes to the consignee and 15% to the store.

• Once a shoe is entered into our system and dropped off, the item(s) must stay in store for a minimum of 30 days. If a pickup is done before the 30 days, a 15% fee will be charged.

• You will be able to manage your inventory and adjust prices in real-time through our consignor portal which you will have full access to once you sign up for consignment at our store. Email us at if you would like help with the portal or have any questions.

• We do not allow undercutting, we will set a lowest price point for new releases. If you're unsure of the price point, please email us at and we will inform you on price points.

• We reserve the right to refuse any product we feel is priced over the top.

• If the item still does not sell after 30 days, you may then contact us to lower the price.

• Any pre-owned shoes being consigned must be in 9/10 condition or better. If shoe is required to be cleaned before it goes on the floor there will be a $20 cleaning service fee per shoe which will be taken out of your first payout

• PAYOUTS - You will be notified through the Ricochet Go app consignor portal once your item(s) sell and you will be able to view all payout amount information at all times via app which you will have to download and set up. You will have the option to choose to receive your payouts via digital check through or have a check mailed to your address. So please provide a valid email and home address. Payouts will be sent out weekly on every Friday morning by 12PM.

• DROP OFFS - Once you entered your inventory into the consignor portal please email us at so we can schedule a day to drop off your items during the week. WE DO NOT ACCEPT DROPOFFS ON SATURDAY ❗

• In case your product is stolen or damaged while in our possession, we will either replace the item with the exact same or reimburse you the MSRP of the product within 60 days.

● Shipping information for All items Shipped in for consignment

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